This is a low-key announcement of intention to run again for public office in 2017. The 2013 elections are over and the lessons have been learnt. The 2017 elections are ahead of us and with adequate preparation, this is ours for keeps. Still the 2013 campaigns offered unique opportunity to experience competitive politics in general but also to position this Candidature in a way that benefits the widest number of people as possible.

One of the most important lessons that I learnt was that this Candidature, means a lot more than just seeking a political office. It inspires hope, courage and tenacity; that all of us can realize our goals and aspirations in life, regardless of personal circumstances. Making this announcement while still in fulltime employment, means I continually have to check against conflict of interest in any number of engagements. This becomes a very helpful opportunity to sharpen the Ethical Sense to avoid situations where personal interests may conflict with or potentially adverse professional interests. Gaining this Ethical sense is very important for anyone preparing to service in a public office.

Symbolic Meaning: 2017 is 4 years away, yet this Candidature, has to have relevance and meaning today. True, this announcement serves to help guide interactions and relationships with critical communities, in readiness for 2017. Still, it is important to position the Candidature in a way that highlights its uniqueness and supports realization of important individual and community ideals today. So between now and 2017, this Candidature will have expand on the following symbolism.

1. Political Positioning: For persons who believe in human rights, equality and equity, this candidature is the best placed one to address intersecting social vulnerabilities among all political players because its very identity is contextualized from a social framework of discrimination and exclusion. The very ability of this Candidature to rise above this context of social vulnerability, discrimination and exclusion must inspire hope, courage and tenacity that all of us can realize our goals and aspirations in life, regardless of our circumstances.

2. For Kenya and National Branding: Kenya like many other countries in the region is at a defining point in history, of incredible potential and opportunity. Yet against this background, there are daunting geo-political threats and challenges such as terrorism, regional political and economic instability and growing competition. This Candidature fits perfectly into the Brand Kenya matrix of diversity, progressiveness and liberal democracy. Kenya is among very few Sub-Saharan countries that would allow for let alone support to this candidature. For Kenya, this Candidature is the very representation of vibrant democracy, respect for Human Rights and enduring commitment to address intersecting vulnerabilities.

3. For Public Health: This Candidature is contextualized within a framework of addressing health disparities, in the country and the region. This is particularly the case for communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS a situation that is made worse by existing structural barriers to access. Because the Candidate currently works in the area of Health Policy, he understands best the challenges of achieving the constitutionally guaranteed right to the highest attainable standard of health for every person in Kenya. This candidature offers unique advocacy opportunity of the numerous policy programs being undertaken by the Kenyan government.

4. For the Business Community: This Candidature raises visibility and differentiates the Kenyan Brand and Market at a time when geo-political challenges such as Terrorism have impaired this brand. The Hospitality industry is particularly advantaged to benefit from this Candidature. This is because it offers opportunity to re-brand Kenya in a way that warms to the hearts and minds of the traditional tourism source markets relative to regional competition. Other business players will benefit from calmed costs of doing business including financing costs, brand reputation and reduced international marketing costs.

5. For Marginalized Communities: Observed differences between social groups can and often does become the basis for inequality in everyday social encounters. It is therefore very important for individuals and groups at the margin of the society to push against ascribed social placement that defines them as “lesser-than.” Failure to do so leads to the entrenchment of conditions that keep them perpetually marginalized and vulnerable. This Candidature is the very essence of this push-back. The very presence of this candidature says goals and aspirations in life are not defined by our history, or personal/social circumstances, but rather by our hope and commitment to work hard for their realization. Supporting this candidature is particularly important in validating this ambitious positioning.

6. For Moral & Religious Thought Leaders: This Candidature is constructive to the religious and moral leadership; even though it may at first appear counterintuitive. To the religious community whose relevance, like that of a doctor, is paradoxically positioned in the context of that which they avow to eliminate, this Candidature intrigues, humbles and demonstrates the immensity of God’s Love. The Theological community particularly benefits from study and reflection on the reality of this Candidature and the paradox of Free will, the reality of the Divine that is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, among other factors. To the Moral and Religious thought leaders, this Candidature presents opportunity for expanded Theology. As a person who has a background in Theology, I look forward to engaging with Theology teachers and students on this issue, when invited.
At a personal level, this Candidature is about service to community and making sense of personal circumstances. It is about putting at the disposal of communal value, my skills and talents, which incidentally come forth contextualized by my personal circumstances and life experiences. At some level it is a spiritual experience because I realize that my life and its experiences have to have meaning – they cannot be in vain; that the desire to serve in public life cannot be a futile desire. So, even though at the moment this desire is only realized in some metaphysical way, though the above symbolic meanings. It is my hope and desire, and one that I will commit to work with friends and partners for its actual realization in 2017.

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The Link to supporting our campaign

GKT and  KFSE have partnered to invest in the People of Kiambu by showing them what we can do if elected into office. Join us to mainstream human rights and reduce poverty.

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Like many politicians in Central Kenya, I would be lying if I said am not scared of the re-emergence of Mungiki. The killings witnessed a few years back sent a cold and chilling message as to what the group is capable of doing. While there are genuine concerns about poverty, unemployment and dispossesion among our young people and young men in particular, these challenges can best be addressed by allowing open and democratic political competition in our region.

One may understand why the young men would favour certain political candidates who promise the easy access to resources often through unscrupulous means. The short cut to wealth is appealing but sadly it is through hard work, and improving the security situation in Kiambu and else where in the region that we shall become competitive and economically sustainable.

One is reminded of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda. While the Acholi people had genuine griviances against the government in Uganda, the strategies chosen by the LRA have now made the Acholi to become the poorest and least educated people in Uganda. Yet they were once among the most powerful, rich and most educated people in Uganda – if Okot P’bitek were born during the era of LRA he would probably have become a village drunkard instead of the academic giant that he was.

We have challenges that must be addressed in Kiambu as else where, but the only way to do so is to elect leaders such as myself, who have no other motive of seeking elective positions other than to serve. But alas, good leaders are unlikely to volunteer themselves for service if there is risk of widespread and unforgiving violence – political power can never be equated to the value of human life. That is why our people particularly the young must think long and hard, how their lives will be affected by discouraging good leaders from running in the coming elections.

I can promise the young people of my desire and dedication to serve them. Indeed one of the main reasons for starting The Kuria Foundation was so that we can support the weaker members of our society, even as we reform the social structures that keep many of our people in poverty. But I also believe in the Human Rights of all people including those who may disagree with me. Human rights are an essential component of building strong democratic structures, which are in turn the foundation of an economically strong community. I can promise to serve all people in Kiambu, and to be particularly partial to the poor.

That is why I request all of us, to keep off violence and instead support those candidates that can change our lives by selling their ideas to all people.

Do you know all the candidates running for political office in your county? May be not, yet you do know of a few – the usual suspects. Have these people been associated with political violence at some point? May be they have. Are there any candidates you know of today, that are not rich, and have possibly been involved in some huge public financial scandal or served in previous governments? Again the answer is probably not! Why is it that these are the only candidates we know of?

The answer is to be found in the least expected place – the media editorial boardrooms. These get to decide who is heard, how he/she is heard, when she is heard and the context in which she/he is heard. It is hard to tell whether it is by design or default but the last bastion of dictatorship and the reason for enduring political corruption in Kenya is to be found in these rooms, occupied by mostly middle-aged bespectacled men.

Yet the power held by this influential and exclusive club, even while it will possibly define who becomes our next crop of leaders, is not insurmountable. If we the people of Kenya wish to reclaim the power of our vote, we can do so. This we can do by ensuring that all the candidates running for political office – especially those untainted by corruption, get a chance to be heard.

The Social media tools now give us an opportunity, to level the playing field! But it also calls on all of us to be vigilant and to become active in bringing about the change we so much desire. Let us not complain of corruption any more, instead, let us wake up and do something about it. Let us not complain of an intransigent leadership anymore, instead, let us take a proactive stand against it. We are very lucky to live in a period, where we are not just receivers of information, but also creators of information – we have the opportunity to democratize our media, let us do it TODAY!

But how, you may ask.  Let us digress slightly, and talk about the “Arab Spring.” This refers to the events which swept through Northern Africa and the Middle East. Intransigent dictators like former Egyptian and Tunisian Presidents, Hosni Mubarak and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali respectively, were swept out of power through the use of Social media including, personal blogs, facebook and twitter among others. These were very powerful individuals, who had very powerful State instruments including the army supporting them – yet they were defeated by the people.

There are many great leaders in our communities, villages and counties, who do not want to engage in corruption, and have great ideas on how we can turn this country around. The reason why we never get to hear of them is because, the media, has deemed of them to be not important enough. Of course if they had huge monies to buy advertisement spaces in the newspapers and electronic press, then we would see as much of them, as we already see, the corrupt faces. But where does the money to pay for these advertisements and the mandatory brown envelops, for glorious editorials, come from? Corruption, right?

So let us put an end to this culture of corruption today. Let us create a level playing field for all candidates running for political offices – across the country, not just Kiambu, where am seeking the Senator’s position.  We can and must do this, by spreading information about the political agenda for all the candidates especially those who do not get media airtime.

These candidates despised by the media, are like the Biblical stone rejected by the builders, which will become the cornerstone of our democratic and corruption free country!

For my Kiambu registered voters, This 10 POINT PROGRAM, (which is a pdf) document, is my agenda for Kiambu once elected to the Senate. Spread word about it, to all the other voters. Let them interrogate it, and ask me and my team questions about it. Let them hold me to account, as they should all other leaders.

Most importantly, allow me to serve you in Kiambu as your Senator, not as a RIGHT – because of spending too much money buying the votes. That is what corrupt leaders do, and am not one of them, plus I do not have the money. But rather as a privilege that you have freely given, which means, if I fail to deliver, you can freely take it away. Yes I know, in many ways am the least likely candidate to win, but will do so only because you freely choose to give me the opportunity to serve.

I will not disappoint you for your generosity. Thank you very much, for taking the time, to add this link (, on your facebook pages, on your blogs and for forwarding my program via email to all your friends.

This election, we the people must flatten the playing field for all candidates. This year we must lay to rest the dragon of political corruption and media dictatorship. This year we shall hear from all the candidates , especially those who preach peace, are corruption free and are only interested in serving the people. We can have peaceful elections, but it must first become our election – we the people!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

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The Kuria Foundation for Social Enterprise – KFSE, supports communities in Kiambu with technical expertise for them to generate and implement their “Financial Sustainability Plans.” By developing and implementing these sustainability plans, non-profits including community based organizations, church communities, women groups and youth groups, not only become sustainable but also scale-up their work.

This sample document (Access it on this link), lists some of the ways through which an NGO can become financially sustainable. It is of course very general, and it is only by working with a particular group, can we develop an organization specific plan.

For organizations in Kiambu County, I shall work with you to develop these plans at no charge. This is because it is important for you to learn what we can do together, not just before the elections but especially after the elections.

I therefore call upon all organized groups in Kiambu County interested in becoming financially sustainable and seek to stop over reliance on politicians’ benevolence, to invite me for this exercise.  You could be a church group, a youth group, a women’s group or any registered group and I shall be happy to come over during one of your meetings to work on the plan.

In the campaign website – I say, “gold or silver I do not have, but what I have I give to you” adopted from Acts 3:6. In Kiambu we are certainly a very hard working people, but in the past our initiatives have been sabotaged by previous political forces. It is time now; we created very strong “roots” to ensure that the tree of our work continues to give “fruits” by ensuring its sustainability.

I hope by working with you, even before the elections, you will appreciate the potential in Senator David Kuria Mbote to support and protect the interests of the people of Kiambu. On my part, I can promise to work with you with 100% dedication and commitment, in bringing us together to realize the dreams of our lives.

Pamoja Tutaweza!