About Senator David Kuria Mbote

Mr. David Kuria Holds an MBA in International Business from the University of Nairobi.

He has worked as an Associate Lecturer at the Tangaza College of Catholic University of Eastern Africa, and was also the Business Development Officer at the Social Ministry Research Network Centre – somirenec, a leading anti-poverty Research and Development program in East Africa.

He has co-authored several books on Poverty alleviation and is very passionate about complete eradication of Extreme forms of poverty in the region. Among the books he has co-outhored include – Christians in Politics, Poverty alleviation in Nairobi Slums? and Social Ministry.

Indeed it is because of his passion and care for the poor, that the Senator is opposed to the current criminalization of people suffering from Tuberculosis – TB and HIV. He believes that TB is by and large a poverty disease since its transmission is most effective in conditions associated with the poor – such as overcrowding and congestion in public transport systems – matatus, poor and congested housing such as informal settlements and slums among other factors. Criminalizing HIV on the other hand impedes prevention programming, which only makes the pandemic spread among the people – again it is the poor who are most affected.

The Aspiring Senator had developed a business card which has not just his contact details, but also four main campaign promises that contract with the contract with the people. These Cards are free, and we call on every person in Kiambu to make every effort to secure one so that they can learn of the contractual promises with the Senator.  These promises are:

  • Access to Land and Housing
  • Dealing with extreme forms of Poverty
  • Centrality of Human Rights in Politics
  • Elevate Kiambu’s Visibility in the Global Economy

Of these issues, the issue of land and housing is certainly most vexing for a majority of our people – especially young families. One of the main reasons why this problem persists is not only because the current crop of leaders does not know how to address it, but it is most especially because they do not care. One has to realize that our current political organizing is around people concerned about their own welfare and that of their family, as well as how they can advance politically, or retain their current positions of power.

It is not about the people or indeed how to solve their problems. It is hardly a wonder then, that every election time, the issues remain the same, the people remain the same, and our problems persist. BUT, my candidature is different and this is how – I am focused on addressing the problems facing every single person in Kiambu County. I have heard some say, “oh, but he has no family, how would he understand let alone, begin to address our problems?”

BUT, is that not exactly the uniqueness of my candidature? Is it not because I can wholly devote my time, resources, and networks to addressing these problems, that my candidature becomes beneficial to the people? Yet I would not run, merely on account of the unique characteristics of my candidature – I leave that to my opponents to talk about, and it is in any case of no benefit to the people.

The people of Kiambu have been leaders in many other areas – I believe we can show the world how well-reasoned poverty eradication strategies can work. But all this requires original and couregious leadership. It requires that someone who is 100% committed to the cause, Senator David Kuria Mbote provides this type of leadership. Give him your support, and urge your friends to join us in this noble cause.

  1. Rena Otieno says:

    Congratulations we are going to give you all the support

    • senatorkuria says:

      Thank you Rena, – I know it looks like “mission impossible” but I believe with your support and all the other Kenyans of ‘good will’ we can and Shall do it. Remember it is our collective candidature, am only holding the flag on behalf of the people who believe in equality, elimination of extreme forms of marginalization and poverty.

      Welcome on board Rena, and please bring at least five of your friends along.
      Thank you.
      David K. Mbote
      Aspiring Senator for Kiambu

      • Senator Kochei Albert says:

        This is the time to make it happen.I believe that we have what it takes to make it happen.Let us remain focused,trust in God and passionate in our engagements.
        Kochei-Elgeyo Marakwet County

  2. Joliea says:

    You definitely have my support Senator David!

    Go go go!!!

  3. mwende says:

    Go for it David.i support you,its time for change.

  4. shamsherali Yusufali says:

    YES WE CAN!! That is what Obama said, and David, YES WE CAN! I hope and pray you for you, and Never say Impossible!! There is nothing Impossible. 20 years ago, a Black President for the US, that was “Mission Impossible” then, but today it is a reality. That is the way forward. We are with you, in any small way we can contribute. You will Make, my dearest David.
    God Bless You, god Bless Kiambu, and finally God Bless Kenya!!
    Your friend always,

  5. Brizan says:

    David,of all the people talking of senate debate,davy you have all it takes.i like the approach you have taken,voters are tired of iwill do this,biuld that,provide ….as avoter of kiambu county you are coming with the best strategy.GO GO FOR IT.

  6. Zawadi says:

    Well done senator! Can’t wait to watch your campaign unfold. You have my support!

  7. Martin says:

    Following your campaign with keen interest, given your rights-based approach being central to that. It is time for such in Kenya and I hear you saying it will be done. Will be key to surround yourself with like-minded activists and citizens, so as to ensure a robust accountable campaign and senatorship, underpinned by transparency, good governance and all-round accountability.

    Wishing you strength given the size of this mountain that WILL be moved!

  8. Wambui says:

    Interesting campaign. My question are you getting elected for Kiambu or for the USA? You talk of human rights yet you are photographed somewhere in Europe? Will you be fighting for people of Kiambu? Honestly I think you have done a good job marketing yourself as a global person, but where is Kiambu in all these? It is not clear as to your motive of photo gallery please try and make us understand why I should vote for you. Will you be using our money for your trips to DC, New York etc?

  9. you are definitely an agent of change when it come to issue based politics. you are the type of leaders we need if Kenya has to go to the next level economic wise.

  10. kataleya says:

    ooh my God… u hv a good words bt bcz ur a gay i swear u wont get the position… let the power of God be after this ..Amen

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